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Lil Nouns
Old Maid is a 19th-century American card game for two or more players.
The game contains 53 cards:
  • 26 pairs,
  • 1 card of the Old Maid.
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Rules of the game (2-6 players):
  • Shuffle all the cards, then deal them to the players.
  • Players turn their cards face down so their opponents cannot see them and check for pairs. If they find any, they set them aside.
  • The first player shows a face-down fan of cards to the next player on their left. The second player chooses one card and adds it to their hand, then checks for new pairs. If found, they set the pairs aside.
  • The game continues in a clockwise fashion. The player who eliminates all cards from their hand ends the game.
  • The player left with the "Old Maid" card in their hand loses.
Enjoy!  ⌐◨-◨

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